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Watch Ed Schrader’s Music Beat Lose Their Apples for ‘Sub Pop 1000’

Ed Schrader

We hope you nabbed your copy of Sub Pop 1000, the label’s 25th anniversary comp of emerging talent, on Record Store Day. If not, there’s still a few copies left in the Sub Pop store, giving you the chance to take home and cherish this two-minute-and-change gem from Baltimore beat-punx Ed Schrader’s Music Beat. In the official video, filmed by Philip Leaman and Zoie Omega, Schrader drops some fruit which plunges him and Devlin Rice into an adventure as as free-form as his poetry — animated birds, bread smuggling, creepy hands — finally providing the answer to the question “How do you like them apples?” (A: Not very much if this is what retrieving them takes). 

Sub Pop 1000 is still available and features Iron Lung, Peaking Lights, My Disco, and more.