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Hear Drenge Deliver Masterful Punk-Blues Misery on ‘Backwaters’

Drenge 'Backwaters' Stream Loveless Brothers

As Drenge, English brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless have found excellence in a perfect combination of simplicity, brutality and soul. The former sings and shreds while the latter hits the skins, and together they make punk-blues rippers packed with sour poetry and antisocial activity. Song titles like “People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck” and “I Wanna Break You in Half” speak volumes, but go ahead and visit those after you’ve heard the latest.

“Backwaters” steps out of the dingy bar and into the oppressive sunlight as Eoin, 22, squints and sings gorgeous misery in the face of it all. Early on he describes witnessing a lamb choking while feeding, and its mother breaking its neck with a kick: “I’ve never seen blood and milk mixed so divine / I’ve never seen such beauty so maligned.” Later he turns his pen on himself: “Blackened eyes and a purple nose / I got missing teeth, got a lot of those.” Meanwhile, the song delivers swells of fuzz and gnarl in between bouts of steady menacing chug. It’s masterful misery.