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Disclosure Sample J Dilla on Percolating ‘Grab Her!’

From the brothers' forthcoming debut, 'Settle'

In our profile of British teenage dance sensations Disclosure, Guy Lawrence revealed that he learned to make beats by listening to American hip-hop by artists such as DJ Premier and Busta Rhymes. But he said it all funnels back to the legendary Detroit producer J Dilla, who has inspired his fair share of amateurs. Though it’s sometimes hard to detect Discolsure’s influences, they’re quite clear on “Grab Her!” a track off new album Settle that samples Dilla himself. The garage-y number is one of the album’s most straightforward dance floor cuts. Hear it by skipping to the 1:43:40 mark of Zane Lowe’s BBC radio show.

Settle — which has already spawned three smash singles in the U.K., “You & Me” being the latest — is out June 3 in the U.K.

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