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Hear Daughn Gibson’s ‘You Don’t Fade,’ Trip-Hop Americana Style

Daughn Gibson

Honky-tonk crooner and sample-happy strangeoid Daughn Gibson will release his first album for Sub Pop on July 9, and Me Moan is shaping up to be a powerful follow-up to his 2012 SPIN Essential All Hell. Last month we heard the first taste of it in a dynamic and drawling track with the chug and oomph of a steam engine, “Sound of Law.” But the latest song from the Pennsylvania-based Breaking Out star ditches the raucous rollick in favor of unabashedly electronic production that wouldn’t sound unusual on a record by Portishead or even Burial. The song surges and seethes while Gibson unravels his deeply detailed poetry with that trademark space-cowboy aplomb — some unforeseen combination of Magnetic Fields and Bill Callahan. That this man once drove trucks for a living makes sense. It’s not hard to imagine the origins of both his singing style and his distinct way of looking at the world taking place on long and lonely country drive between far-flung outposts of civilization.