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Daft Punk Broke All Kinds of Digital Records This Week

'Random Access Memories' on pace to topple 'Babel'

If Daft Punk are doing it right, everybody will be streaming them and they’ll be breaking records set by corny bands. Also, Mad Men’s Ken Cosgrove will be dancing to Random Access Memories’ Panda Bear collaboration “Doin’ It Right.” So we’re partway there!

Hypebot notes, Daft Punk’s Essential new album is on pace for the most streams ever in its first week of release. That would put it ahead of Mumford & Sons’ Babel, which holds the current record with more than eight million streams in its first seven days of U.S. release.

Whether or not the French dance-pop duo can beat the British folk-rockers, Random Access Memories has already set a slew of social-media records. First single “Get Lucky” had the biggest opening day of streams worldwide since Spotify began, racking up more than 28 million streams globally to date. The album itself had the biggest-ever first day of streaming for a full-length in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mexico. Daft Punk also notched a record for one-day streams by a single artist, as Spotify users checked out the duo’s formidable discography.

Not coincidentally, Daft Punk are also storming up Billboard’s Social 50 chart. Though Random Access Memories officially came out stateside on Tuesday, May 21, it started streaming via iTunes on Monday, May 13. That stream helped Daft Punk jump from No. 38 to No. 5 on Billboard’s social chart, the pair’s first top five showing there. Even that silly video showing the robot-suited duo opening the album packaging on a spaceship contributed to this particular Billboard chart placement.

Still thinking about that Mad Men-“Doin’ It Right” visual mashup? That’s how you know the magic’s right.