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Watch Wee Waa Townies Go Wild for Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ Launch

School children, shopkeepers, satellite celebrate 'droids

Last month we reported that Daft Punk had plans to debut their SPIN Essential Random Access Memories at a random ass town in Australia — Wee Waa to be exact, via the rural burg’s annual agricultural festival. Well, although the album hit the Internet early, the event still happened and was a smashing success. As Pitchfork reports, while the town only has a population of roughly 2,000, the Wee Waa Show sold 4,000 tickets.

Also, as seen in the video clips below, these Aussies got into it. Although there’s no evidence to suggest the members of Daft Punk were anywhere near the place, the crowd went wild atop the LED-powered dance floor. In addition, there are reports (and video evidence) of Daft Pork Honey Sausages, Techno Treats, Random Access Rissoles, and Punk Pies being sold. There were fireworks as well, reports Gigwise.

But perhaps best of all is the charming video series created by event organizers (with an assist from Sony’s smartphone division), showing locals of all ages demonstrating their excitement for the (then) impending arrival of the French electro-house rulers. Watch some a clip of the live action below, and then witness as school children, shop owners, and a satellite dish celebrate everyone’s favorite androids.