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Watch Daft Punk Open ‘Random Access Memories’ on Their Spaceship

Daft Punk, 'Give Life Back to Music,' video, teaser

Daft Punk finally have May 21 album Random Access Memories in their hot robot hands. In a new video, the French electronic duo opens up the packaging for the vinyl edition of the record. The clip is set in a spaceship, and we see that the physical design of the record lines up with the music’s much-discussed back-to-the-future bent: There’s none of the kids’ fancy colored vinyl here, just a classic, old-school Columbia label emblazoned in red on black wax.

At the end of the video, Daft Punk blast a few celebratory seconds of Random Access Memories opener “Give Life Back to Music.” And then it’s over.

But there are still plenty more Random tidbits to sift through ahead of the album’s release. Last week alone, “Rainbow Connection” man Paul Williams took credit for Daft Punk’s helmets, Daft Punk told an Australian radio interviewer latest single “Get Lucky” sums up the new album’s spirit, other pals (Dr. Luke! Nile Rodgers! Giorgio Moroder!) reflected on the record’s making, Random‘s Moroder collaboration emerged online, and DP’s Thomas Bangalter alluded to Scream 2 in an interview with GQ.