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Daft Punk: ‘Our New Album Is Supposed to Really Suck’

Band talks 'Random Access Memories' in new profile, shares latest "Collaborators" clip featuring DJ Falcon

Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter knows that bands aren’t supposed to still be good 20 years into their career. In a rare interview with GQ, the helmeted man-droid drops a deep American cinema reference (what’s French for “franchise”?) in order to explain his group’s potential plight as they began to scrape together their first new album in eight years, Random Access Memories

“In Scream 2, they have this discussion about how sequels always suck,” he tells Zach Baron. “The thing we can ask ourselves at some point is like: We’re making music for 20 years. How many bands and acts do you have that are still making good music after 20 years? It always sucks — almost always, you know? … So our new album is supposed to really suck.”

Tell that to the citizens of Planet Earth, where people have been freaking royally about the Parisian electro-house duo’s return since before they even heard (and covered and remixed ad infinitum) the new LP’s Pharrell-featuring first single, “Get Lucky.” Speaking of Daft Punk’s “Collaborators,”  you’ll find the latest in their ongoing video series above: French house-smith DJ Falcon.

Heretofore, we’ve witnessed elucidating conversations with Giorgio MoroderPanda BearSkateboard PNile RodgersTodd Edwards, and Chilly Gonzales (plus Andrew the Pizza Guy); heard some fascinating reworkings of the album’s only real leak yet (discounting an early version of “Contact”); and pointed out the pair’s 19 savviest samples to date, from Barry White to Black Sabbath.

“But what to they think about Skrillex?” you ask. Visit GQ to read the rest.