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Daft Punk’s Most Important ‘Collaborator’ Yet: Andrew the Pizza Guy

Daft Punk Collaborators Andrew the Pizza Guy Funny or Die Random Ass Memories Gary Richards HARD Destructo

By now, many of Daft Punk’s dedicated fans have sat through an entire hour’s worth of the Parisian pair’s “Collaborators” waxing a wee bit hyperbolic about their forthcoming album Random Access Memories. We’ve witnessed conversations with Giorgio MoroderPanda BearPharrellNile RodgersTodd Edwards, and Chilly Gonzales, and may have hit our limit when the latter shared his thoughts on “the joyful challenge.” Thankfully the fine folks at Funny or Die are here to provide a little levity with their own entry to the series: Andrew the Pizza Guy. In the above clip, an enthused pie-flipper from Scottsdale, Arizona explains that, “Every now and then some people come along and make an album that will … change the universe for eternity. And somebody needs to serve those people some pizza. Because they get hungry.” Andrew goes on to describe an unlikely order placed by Daft Punk, which included “toppings I didn’t even know we had … It was like they captured everything that made pizza great in the ’70s, and then made it their own.” Nyuk Nyuk. Stay tuned for a clutch cameo by HARD founder Gary Richards, a.k.a. DJ/producer Destructo, who lays down the smack, as he is known to do.