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Courtney Love May Call Next Hole-less Album ‘Died Blonde’

Courtney Love Solo Album Died Blonde Craigslist Ad

Courtney Love is plotting a new solo album under her own name and she may call it Died Blonde. In her new cover story for Bust, the 48-year-old alt-rock queen reveals that she’s been working with the same lineup associated with the last Hole album, 2010’s so-so Nobody’s Daughter: guitarist Micko Larkin, bassist Shaun Dailey, and drummer Scott Lipps. She’s also shared the names of two new songs — “Wedding Day” and “California” — which will be released via iTunes soon. 

Love didn’t explain why she’s chosen to leave the Hole moniker behind, but as she’s the only founding member still in the band it’s unclear whether she even has the right to use the name. (In 2009, original guitarist Eric Erlandson told SPIN she’d signed a contract that forbade her from playing as Hole without him.) She did, however, shine some light on how she feels about coming back to her own name since 2004’s masterful squaller, America’s Sweetheart.

“My name symbolizes a lot of things, and I have to sit in these rooms with lawyers and be called a ‘brand’ often, so I was just like, ‘Fucking name it after me!’ I don’t care,” she told Debbie Stoller. Later she explained the potential title of her new LP. “I’m thinking of maybe naming my fucking album ‘Died Blonde,’ because I’m in such a morbid space … It’s not that I’m unhappy. And it’s certainly not that I’m crazy. It’s just that I know all this shit, and I don’t know what to do with it.”

She also reveals that she unsuccessfully searched for a new bassist (sorry, Shaun) on the Internet. “I put an ad on Craigslist that said, ‘Band in the style of Hole looking for bassist in the style of Melissa Auf der Maur.’ I got exactly one response. There’s just not a lot of chick bass players.” Despite the fact that she does in fact know at least one bassist in the style of Melissa Auf der Maur (that bassist being Melissa Auf der Maur), Love says she and her old Hole bandmates will never reunite.

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