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Hear Damon Albarn and DOOM Go in on Child of Lov’s Strange Slinky Soul

Child of Lov Damon Albarn DOOM Owl One Day Stream

The Child of Lov is the creation of psych-addled soul strange-oid Cole Williams, a 25-year-old from the Netherlands who just released his eponymous debut album on Domino’s Double Six imprint. Under the heady influence of Dilla and D’Angelo, the Dutch producer-singer creates a highly idiosyncratic take on the art form that blends dusty samples with fuzzy instrumentation and pained falsettos with baritone chanting. As unusual a blend it is, his music still feels strikingly organic — the L-O-V in his moniker in fact references light-oxygen-voltage domains, photoreceptors responsible for making plant life reach for the sun. But that doesn’t mean Williams’ subject matter is all rainbows and daisies. Below you’ll hear two of The Child of Lov‘s strongest entries. The slinky “One Day” features Damon Albarn and directly confronts mortality in its chorus as a plea for l-o-v-e. “Owl” is creepier, features our pal DOOM, and kicks off with a line about a farting cow. The ecstasy-celebrating Thundercat also features on the album, but the rest is pure Lov.

“One Day” featuring Damon Albarn:

“Owl” featuring DOOM: