Unnamed Chief Keef Fan Will One Day Regret Hideous Chief Keef Tattoo


There is a Chief Keef fan out there with the back tattoo you see above — a portrait of Keef’s face framed by his government name and the phrase “N’ Joi” and a bunch of floating hearts. The as-yet-unidentified girl will one day come to regret getting Chief Keef’s face tattooed on her back, first and foremost because the face tattooed on her back doesn’t look much like Chief Keef. But even if it was a stunning rendering of his face, it’s still, you know, Chief Keef’s face tattooed on your back. Kids these days, right?

If it’s any solace, even the wildly rich and famous experience tattoo disasters — just ask Kevin Durant. And Drake. And Lil Wayne. And Chris Brown.


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