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Watch Boards of Canada’s Gorgeously Eerie ‘Reach for the Dead’ Video

Boards of Canada 'Reach for the Dead' Video Tomorrow's Harvest

Boards of Canada pulled a Kanye yesterday (May 22) when they broadcast the first sounds of their forthcoming fourth album Tomorrow’s Harvest on the streets of Tokyo. Now they’ve shared the rest of that song, titled “Reach for the Dead,” along with a music video that matches gorgeous nature-doc style footage to the song’s strong panoramic feel. The grainy film mimics the Scottish duo’s warm analog approach to the electronic arts, and as the track begins with ambient hum and an intermittent kick-drum thud, we see sweeping helicopter shots of a beautiful desert. The music slowly progresses with the addition of glistening synth sequences and glitchy percussion, while the video incorporates eerie tours through abandoned buildings that bring to mind the sort that surround California’s famed Salton Sea. Before “Reach” ambles off into the sunset, the clip delivers its own burst of light as the camera heads directly into the horizon. The entire audio-visual affair is pretty, well-composed, and more than a little enigmatic — exactly what any serious BoC fan would hope for.