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Watch BLKKATHY Party the Pain Away in ‘Shake You Off’

BLKKATHY 'Shake You Off' Video

When relationships end, sometimes you just know, “I’m the one who’s going to lose my shit.” At least, that’s how BLKKATHY’s feeling in the new video for their song “Shake You Off.” The Brooklyn duo are only a few songs deep into their career but they’ve been steadily bewitching from the start, combining minimal yet noisy beatwork with intimate and raw vocal performance. Or, as the pair put it on their SoundCloud profile, these are “ladies who like to sing sad songs over very heavy bass beats … It’s okay to get sexy and cry.”

The aforementioned song indeed combines a little bit of both, perhaps never quite so directly as in the line, “You left me damp in your perfume of sex and beer / I’ll lay right here.” But singer Kate Faust makes it clear she’s got plans to get up and dust herself off. The clip, directed by Mark Smith, is simple but effective, finding the women at a foggy basement party while 40s are imbibed and sexy situations unfold.