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Hear Black Flag’s Relentless (New) New Song ‘The Chase’

black flag, "the chase"

And the pissing contest between the two rival Black Flag reunions continues.

Earlier today (May 13), FLAG — the Black Flag offshoot that consists of original BF vocalist Keith Morris, guitarist-singer Dez Cadena, bassist Chuck Dukowski, drummer Bill Stevenson, and Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton — announced an upcoming North American tour. This came shortly after Black Flag — the lineup featuring founding guitarist Greg Ginn, vocalist Ron Reyes, drummer Gregory Moore, and touring bassist Dave Klein — publicly slammed the Morris-led roster, calling them a “‘fake’ Flag band currently covering the songs of BLACK FLAG in an embarrassingly weak ‘mailing it in’ fashion.” (SPIN thought they did a fine job, FYI.) That insult came paired with “Down in the Dirt,” the first sample from Black Flag’s upcoming new album that was billed as the “first new song from BLACK FLAG in a generation.”

Now we have “The Chase,” which could be described as the “second new song from BLACK FLAG in a generation.” That’s right — fans have had to wait 28 years for the follow-up to 1985’s In My Head and now we’ve got two new Black Flag tracks in as many weeks. “You better run,” Reyes screams on this latest thrash-happy cut. “Because the chase is on.”

Watch the live footage-filled video for “The Chase” above and purchase the track on iTunes.