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The Black Angels Inspire a Supernatural Uprising in ‘Don’t Play With Guns’ Video

black angels, don't play with guns

The Black Angels’ new video for “Don’t Play With Guns,” the lead single off the Austin psych outfit’s recent Indigo Meadow album, opens on a simple enough scene: a family of three having a pricey dinner at a classy restaurant. Then, midway through the entree, the waiter rolls in a television flashing the Illuminati’s “pyramid-eye” symbol (as waiters often do), and commands everyone to stand up, swallow some pills, and then return to their seats. Now maybe it’s the Black Angels’ glam-rock soundtrack, or the substance she just took, or the slab of bland beef on her plate, but the video’s young leading lady refuses to sit still. She defiantly dances around the tables, whips her hair back and forth, glares at the diners, and caps off her rebellion with a super-powered, glass-shattering conclusion.