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Act of God Failed to Reunite Led Zeppelin

If Bill Clinton can't make it happen, no one can

Led Zeppelin continue to be the biggest rock-teases in the business. The legendary band last reunited in 2007 for an Ahmet Ertegun tribute at London’s O2 Arena and set a Guinness World Record by doing so: “Highest Demand for Tickets for One Music Concert.” Ever since, they’ve been toying with their adoring public, knowing they hold all of the power in the relationship.

In 2009, they considered touring without Robert Plant; in 2010, Plant came around; 2011 was strikingly quiet; and then came 2012, when the entire band actually did reunite … for a press conference about a DVD release of that 2007 concert that kicked this whole mess off in the first place. Again and again, Zep Heads have asked themselves, “What would it take?”

Well, nothing any of us are able to muster. In an interview with 60 Minutes Overtime, one of the organizers behind the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy benefit revealed that former president Bill Clinton pitched the gang in person, asking them to pull it together for a good cause. He met with Plant, John Paul Jones, and Jimmy Page at the Kennedy Center Honors in early December, and the band shot him down.

As the Washington Post reports, David Saltzman, executive director of the Robin Hood Foundation, conspired with film producer Harvey Weinstein to get the 42nd president on board. They were “trying desperately to recruit” both Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. The former never happened, and the latter came with a public punking by Keith Richards. Get the rest of the story below: