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See Band of Horses Lovingly Honor Jason Molina With Songs: Ohia Cover on ‘Kimmel’

Band of Horses Songs: Ohia 'I've Been Riding With the Ghost' Kimmel Jason Molina

Band of Horses visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (April 30) and took the opportunity to pay some loving tribute to the late, great Jason Molina. Wearing a T-shirt sporting the name of Molina’s latter-day alias, Magnolia Electric Co., eternal nice guy Ben Bridwell led his band through a beautiful rendition of “I’ve Been Riding With the Ghost,” a song from the album Magnolia Electric Co., which Molina released under his earlier Songs: Ohia moniker. That track is one of the standouts from what many fans consider to be Molina’s greatest work, and the Horses deliver it with all the haunting gorgeousness that courses through the original. They also performed “The General Specific” from 2007’s Cease to Begin, which you can watch below.

Revisit Mark Kozalek’s recent studio cover of “It’s Easier Now,” which hailed from Molina’s “solo” album Let Me Go, Let Me Go, Let Me Go. Secretly Canadian just reissued Ohia’s Hecla & Griper EP, and a memorial concert featuring Molina’s collaborators is scheduled for May 11 at the Bluebird Nightclub in Bloomington, Indiana.