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Watch Juiceboxxx’s ‘Pump It (Remix)’ Video Featuring Antwon, Kool A.D., More

Juiceboxxx / Photo by Miri Matsufuji

Juiceboxxx’s “Pump It Remix” is an Internet-rap posse-cut event. Antwon compares himself to Congolese baller Dikembe Mutombo and eventually rhymes the finger-wagging NBA center’s name with um, “butthole”; Kool A.D delivers one of his deceptively brilliant,  half-assed, super-tight raps (see also, the recent “Hood Party” cut from Fat Tony). Speaking of Fat Tony, he expertly rides a thumping funk-beat change-up, and Issue does Issue, which, well, no one else on the planet can do, really. Finally, Juiceboxxx channels Check Your Head‘s sunny, silly, punch-you-in-the-face aggression. It’s a gathering of people trying really hard not to sound like they’re trying. Save for eccentric producer Schwarz, of course, who is doing his screaming white-boy Fatman Scoop steez (previously heard on the transcendent club single “U R Beautiful”) and hyping you up like a motivational speaker hopped-up on hardstyle. Consider “Pump It Remix” a companion to Antwon’s hip-house-tinged, oh-so-’90s yet very much right now, Suzanne Vega-sampling jam from last year, “Living Every Dream.” “Pump It Remix” will be featured on Juiceboxxx’s mixtape Beyond Thunder Zone, out in June. You can check out the original version of “Pump It” on Juiceboxxx’s album I Don’t Wanna Go Into the Darkness. And enjoy the video, a collage of footage of people behaving very, very badly, below.