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Hear Var’s ‘The World Fell,’ Industrial Techno From Iceage’s Singer

Var 'The World Fell' Iceage Elias Ronnenfelt

As evidenced by their thrilling new album You’re Nothing, the Danish dudes in Iceage are hardcore punk classicists, which makes them the last band you’d expect to spawn a techno-addled side project. But it turns out singer-guitarist Elias Rønnenfelt has a separate quartet called Vår that trades in four-on-the-floor beats — tempered, of course, by blasts of industrial noise and super dark thematic content. To wit, below you’ll find “The World Fell,” a synth-heavy bubbler featuring chanted vocals about the end of days. The song hails from the forthcoming LP No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers, due May 14 on Sacred Bones. According to the label, the group employed everything from acoustic guitar and trumpet to broken glass and sheet metal in order to craft their bleak (but danceable!) soundscapes. Track list below.

Vår, No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers track list:

1. “Begin To Remember”
2. “The World Fell”
3. “No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers”
4. “Motionless Duties”
5. “Hair Like Feathers”
6. “Pictures of Today / Victorial”
7. “Boy”
8. “Into Distance”
9. “Katla”