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Vampire Weekend Soak Up Steve Buscemi’s Weirdness in ‘Unstaged’ Trailer Video

Vampire Weekend, Steve Buscemi

Vampire Weekend’s Steve Buscemi-guided transformation into offbeat characters worthy of the actor and director continues. First the Coachella-performing New York band, set to release new album Modern Vampires of the City on May 14, attended an Easter parade with Buscemi. Then all was (sort of) explained with word Buscemi would direct a live online broadcast of Vampire Weekend’s April 28 show at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom as part of the Unstaged series. But now both group and director are raising expectations of the live-stream’s potential quirkiness with a 45-second trailer video that’s gloriously inscrutable. It’s only 45 seconds, so we can’t really say much more without giving it away, but we hope you enjoy your near-minute of befuddlement. (It isn’t “Leap Day,” but then, those don’t come around every year.)