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Hear Tricky’s Darkly Popping ‘Tribal Drums,’ Plus Creepy Come-On ‘Hey Love’

Tricky Tribal Drums Francesca Belmonte False Idols Download

In February, trip-hop godfather Tricky pleased a lot of fans when he announced a) that he’s not feeling his last album either, and b) that he’s got a new one on the way called False Idols. So far, all evidence seems to point to the Knowle West boy’s professed improvement being a very real thing. “Nothing’s Changed” is as emotive and gloom-swole as his ’90s output, and “Does It” was delightfully even darker. Now we’ve got two new tracks to consider. The otherwise unsung singer from those first leaks, Francesca Belmonte, returns for today’s “Tribal Drums,” which combines primitive percussion, chopped melodies, and soothing coo to create a mood that wouldn’t be out of place on a How to Destroy Angels release. Stream that one below, and download it via Tricky’s Facebook profile. Also, in the interim, the man managed to sneak out “Hey Love” — a breathy and upbeat (albeit somehow still menacing) song highlighting the composer’s own vocal performance. Get caught up below.

New song “Hey Love”:

Newest song “Tribal Drums”: