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Hear the Toadies and Sarah Jaffe Cover PJ Harvey for Record Store Day 7-Inch

Toadies / Photo by Paul Warner/WireImage

The Toadies — churning masters of ’90s 7/8 alt-heavy — and fellow Texas songwriter Sarah Jaffe have teamed up to cover PJ Harvey for a Record Store Day 7-inch. The Toadies came from the water in 1994, so going “Down by the Water” with PJ Harvey’s 1995 hit wasn’t that much of a stretch. Recorded live at last year’s Dia de los Toadies Festival, Jaffe’s voice is kind of a dead ringer for PJ’s bluesy wail, and the Toadies capture all her snaky, slithery energy. Listen now and cop it on colored vinyl on Record Store Day. 

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