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See Titus Andronicus’ Singer Belt Out ‘Born to Run’ with Diarrhea Planet

Titus Andronicus Diarrhea Planet 'Born to Run' Patrick Stickles Bruce Springsteen

Diarrhea Planet was first put on our radar by those Coachella-crushing dudes in JEFF the Brotherhood. The Nashville-based collective with the worst name in music have put out tunes on the Orrall bros.’ Infinity Cat label, toured with Titus Andronicus, and most recently blew our minds at South By Southwest where a two of their four guitarists shredded from atop the bar. In the clip above, Titus singer Patrick Stickles joins the exceptionally fervent band at New York DIY spot Shea Stadium for a blazing cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run.” If you can get past the scatological synchronicity between the band’s name and the song’s title, it might just be the best thing you watch today. Stickles gives the rendition his throat-flaying all from within the fist-pumping crowd. We’re not sure where that guitarist’s shirt went — we can’t even confirm that he’s wearing pants — but it hardly matters. As “Born to Run” teaches us, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.