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Hear Les Savy Fav Frontman Tim Harrington’s Kid-Friendly ‘This Little Piggy’

Tim Harrington

Most people are familiar with the little piggy that went to market, the little piggy that stayed home, the little piggy that had roast beef, the little piggy that had none, and, of course, the little piggy that went wee wee wee all the way home. Less celebrated are the other little piggies — you know, the ones on the other foot.

Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington is highlighting those long-overlooked toes for This Little Piggy, a picture book he’s authored that’s set to hit shelves on May 14 via Balzer + Bray, HarperCollins’ children’s imprint. The Brooklyn-based father of two describes the upcoming release, intended for kids between ages 4 and 8, as an “expression of joyful investigation.” 

Harrington’s This Little Piggy comes paired with a strummed sing-along tune that tells the story of all kinds of toes: the “super chubsy ubsies and little itty bitties,” as he puts it on the track of the same name. The self-proclaimed “dadgenerate” urges parents to act out the book with kids, to turn the story into a show.

“It is based on such a cozy, intimate activity, how could you not?” Harrington said in a statement. “In doing so the book becomes a kind of performance between the reader and the read-to.”

To hear about the little piggy that threw a costume party, the little piggy that chewed gum, and the little piggy that explored outer space, stream Harrington’s “This Little Piggy” right here:

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