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Stream Heliocentrics’ Full Demented Funk Odyssey ’13 Degrees of Reality’

It's out on April 30 on Now-Again

Heliocentrics are like a record store’s reissue section come to life: Can’s Lost Tapes, the broken funk of Now-Again box sets, Finders-Keepers crate-digger discoveries from Eastern Europe, and some of the harder tracks of the umpteen current Afrobeat anthologies floating around. But this isn’t some dusty, ringworn, water-damaged thrift shop score — Heliocentrics are an actual band of five or six United Kingdom-based gloom-funk cosmonauts who just happen to play like Madlib’s record collection. Their second album, 13 Degrees of Reality, one of the few contemporary things released by Now-Again, is out right now. It’s a dubby, doomy trip into the wildest parts of space and you can hear the whole thing below.

:audio=0:112710:playlist:The Heliocentrics, 13 Degrees of Reality: