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See Tegan and Sara Work Through Heartbreak in ‘I Was a Fool’ Video

Tegan and Sara 'I Was a Fool' Video

SPIN cover stars Tegan and Sara crammed a lot of emotion into their excellent new album Heartthrob. As our scribe Jon Young put it, the record “insightfully studies the messy aftermath of relationships, showing the wistful longing or bitter disappointment unleashed when everything implodes.” Indeed, single “I Was a Fool” focuses on one of those “estranged, unreliable lovers” who takes without giving back.” In the song’s video, a woman deals with the realization that she’s alone once again and is sent into a tailspin of grief. But she eventually works up the nerve to burn the postcards, break the records, and toss out the artwork that reminds her of her ex, no doubt taking comfort in the fact that she lives in an amazing home with a view of the sea.

Check out “I Was a Fool” above, and revisit the Quin sisters’ recent Leno appearance to watch them perform Heartthrob‘s buoyant “Closer.” To check ’em out at the recently wrapped Coachella 2013, take a gander at our Best Live Photos from the fest, and our 50 Best Moments to boot.