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Download Two Dreamy RxGibbs Remixes by Glenn Jackson and Kid Smpl

Two freebies from the Cascine label that map the space between dream pop and horizontal house

Last we heard from Oakland’s Glenn Jackson, he was whipping up billowing analog house jams for Brooklyn’s Ceremony Recordings — a sunset-cruise soundtrack with just the right amount of East Bay (or East River) grit. Now the transatlantic Cascine label brings Jackson on board to remix Michigan’s RxGibbs, whose debut album strikes a similar balance between shoegazing and stargazing, earthy and ethereal. (Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymond liked it so much, he deemed RxGibbs one of his favorite artists of 2012.)

Lush and crisp in equal measure, Glenn Jackson’s “Macro” remix loops back to a style we haven’t heard for a while: the colorful, melodic techno popularized by labels like Traum and Kompakt way back in the early 2000s — in particular, the pneumatic sound of the Bay Area’s Broker/Dealer, a duo whose slim but stellar catalog is long overdue a revival, incidentally. Along with Jackson’s remix, Cascine is also giving away a downy ambient remake of RxGibbs’ “Contact” by Kid Smpl. Download both tracks in the player below, and stream the full album while you’re at it.