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‘Swatting’ Does Not Excite Rihanna, the Latest Celebrity Victim of a Prank Police Call


Rihanna broadcast an enthusiasm for whips and chains loud and clear on “S&M,” from her 2010 album Loud, but she must not feel the same way about swatting.

“Swatting” is a prank that’s been taking place recently, where someone makes a 911 call regarding a celebrity’s house and causes a police SWAT team to arrive on the scene. It’s funny, because — wait, why is it funny? Anyway, according to TMZ, Los Angeles police showed up at Rihanna’s house in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood yesterday after a caller claimed two armed men were in the home and someone had been shot. Diddy was reportedly swatted a day earlier.

TMZ maintains that the pranksters behind swatting are the same people who hacked into Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s personal information and pulled off the impossible feat of making pop’s First Couple sound boring.

Last night, Rihanna tweeted a possibly unrelated photo of herself in sunglasses and pearls, writing, “I don’t think about you at all.” Which doesn’t sound exactly true, but then again, these hackers are so incredibly uninteresting maybe we can all forget about them without their having to be physically swatted.

What were we talking about again? Hold on, for some reason the police are at the door.