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Hear Queens of the Stone Age’s Fierce and Fiery ‘My God Is the Sun’

josh homme, queens of the stone age

Queens of the Stone Age have debuted new song “My God is the Sun” on BBC Radio 1. Host Zane Lowe played the fiery …Like Clockwork single twice in a row today (April 8), and spoke with QOTSA boss Josh Homme, in brief, in order to preview a forthcoming full interview to run at 3 p.m. EST.

So how is the desert rock godhead feeling in the run-up to his band’s sixth album? “Fantastic … like a weight made of monkeys has been lifted off of my shoulders.” As for the song itself, you can stream it below. After opening with shuffling percussion, the track becomes a beastly thing comprising massive grinding guitars and hugely punishing drumwork. The crew’s trademark sludge is offset by aggressive bursts of rock and Homme’s always surprising falsettos, not to mention some ghostly keyboard play. Eventually, a menacing build leads into a half-time release, where our anti-hero coos almost Yorke-like about his worship of the great Helios.

…Like Clockwork arrives on June 4 via Matador Records (pre-orders are currently available). Until then, scope out the album’s cover art in the stream down below and get burned:

…Like Clockwork track list:

1. “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”
2. “I Sat By The Ocean”
3. “The Vampyre of Time and Memory”
4. “If I Had  A Tail”
5. “My God Is The Sun”
6. “Kalopsia”
7. “Fairweather Friends”
8. “Smooth Sailing”
9. “I Appear Missing”
10. “…Like Clockwork”