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Listen to Pure X’s Wise and Dreamy ‘Thousand Year Old Child’

From the Austin band's forthcoming 'Crawling Up the Stairs' LP

Pure X have come a long way since 2011’s Pleasure, an album composed of “woozy rhythms, lovelorn lyrics, and reverb-saturated textures.” The Austin band has a new one due out May 14 on Acéphale, and Crawling Up the Stairs unabashedly deepens the group’s inherent darkness even as it sheds new light on the mind and heart of singer-guitarist Nate Grace … usually.

We’ve already heard the shadowy, sprawling “Things in My Head” and the throat-rending space-out “Someone Else.” Now we’ve got “Thousand Year Old Child,” which finds bassist Jesse Jenkins taking lead. The upbeat track that begins with acoustic strum, picks up some distorted wash, and then basks in breezy atmosphere while our hosts serenade a lover who’s on her way out the door. He sounds at peace with what’s happening, like an old soul who’s seen it all before. “There is a question,” he coos. “What am I doing with my life?” In short, making gorgeous songs that provide a little sweet relief to anyone who’s asked that same question of themselves. 

Acéphale is offering pre-order options now. The first 250 LP copies will feature black and white marbled vinyl, which makes accidental yin-yangs a real possibility.

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