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Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ Banned From South Korean TV Network for Dumbest Reason

Psy Gentleman video Banned From South Korean TV Network for Dumbest Reason

The Psy backlash has hit where you’d least expect it: South Korea. The video for his new single “Gentleman” — currently at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart — has been banned by the state-run TV network KBS because, well, Psy kicks over a traffic cone. According to the AP, his destruction of public property violates KBS’ broadcasting standards so the video has been pulled from their broadcasts, and though this may seem entirely ridiculous, the network has banned at least two other videos in the past under similar guidelines. Or maybe they’re just really sick of Psy…

In just five days, “Gentleman” has amassed over 147 million YouTube views, making it by far the website’s most popular music video.The song may not go on to be a bigger phenomenon than “Gangnam Style” (what could?), but it will tell us if Psy has legs as an American pop star, or if he’s merely destined to live out his days as an animated GIF, perpetually yelling at butts.