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See Phoenix Perform New Songs ‘Bourgeois,’ ‘Drakkar Noir,’ and ‘Chloroform’

Phoenix Bourgeois Drakkar Noir Chloroform Live Video Bankrupt! Vancouver

Phoenix’s Bankrupt! is due out April 23 and as Thomas Mars told SPIN, the ramp-up to the release is “the most exciting time” for the band. It’s also a good time to be a fan — especially if you can catch the Parisian indie-poppers on the road. The band did their first show in more than two years at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver on Thursday and, as Consequence of Sound points out, they fleshed out their set list with all 10 of the forthcoming album’s songs. One enterprising YouTuber was there and caught four of the fresh tracks on her camera, including “Entertainment,” which we’ve already seen as an epic Asian mashup, plus heard remixed by Blood Orange and covered by Dinosaur Jr. The others were completely new to those who haven’t monitored the Internet for every fleeting leak and upload that emerges: “Bourgeois,” which features a line we can truly identify with (“Lost your mind on a cruise ship”); the upbeat and wholly danceable “Drakkar Noir”; and “Chloroform,” which uses powerful drums and thick synths to lurching, woozy effect. Check ’em out above and below.