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Paramore Stream the First Four Tracks of Their Sprawling New Album

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“The mindset was, like, we have no idea what we’re doing,” Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams told SPIN about the writing and recording process behind the Tennessee trio’s self-titled fourth album (due April 9 via Fueled by Ramen). Indeed, much of the narrative behind the group’s much-anticipated follow-up to 2009’s brand new eyes has been marked by proclamations that Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis, and guitarist Taylor York were trying to become a brand new band. Now fans can finally decide if Paramore succeeded. The alt-pop crew have shared the first four songs off their forthcoming full-length — that’s “Fast In My Car,” lead single “Now,” “Grow Up,” and “Daydreaming” — as part of a promotional effort called “4 Sides/4 Nights.”

Side A of the pending 17-track LP is here now; side B debuts on the band’s website tonight at 7 p.m. EST. Pre-orders of Paramore are currently available through iTunes.