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Watch MNDR Outrun Reality in Mind-Bending, Art-Blending ‘Faster Horses’ Video

MNDR, "Faster Horses," video

MNDR’s excellent dance-pop album Feed Me Diamonds is more than eight months old, but its latest video makes it look like all that time was spent coming up with audacious visual ideas.

The Stereogum-posted clip for euphoric floor-thumper “Faster Horses,” directed by former hacker and Dead Prez: Bigger Than Hip-Hop documentarian John Threat, has enough going on for an album’s worth of videos. There’s MNDR’s bespectacled Amanda Warner riding a horse, a cartoon version of her doing the same, and a stop-motion version of all that galloping past burning buildings. That’s all en route to rendezvousing with an angelic, blue-eyed girl in some kind of alternative universe, after being chased by sinister, masked figures, and rushing around classical statues, including one that eventually moons the viewer. Another highlight: giant, adorable beagles.

In short, the video is filled with wonderful can’t-believe-that-just-happened moments. That shouldn’t be a a surprise considering last year’s drag-based, Marina Abramovic-saluting clip for Feed Me Diamonds‘ title track. But it’s still a thrill to see Warner and co. racing with horses that are ever fleeter of hoof.