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Miguel and Kendrick Lamar Flirt With the Camera in ‘How Many Drinks? (Remix)’ Video

How many drinks? / Getty Images

Miguel’s “Adorn” has towered over R&B in the last year, setting a radio airplay record this year with 20 weeks spent at No. 1 on hip-hop stations. But that song’s success has started to overshadow the man himself, and Miguel has had trouble getting another single off the ground. His latest attempt is the Kendrick Lamar remix of “How Many Drinks?,” which premiered last week and now has a predictably seductive video. Backed by Miguel’s band, the two perform on a tastefully lit soundstage before goofing around at the end. 

Miguel recently revealed to Billboard that he plans on releasing another series of Art Dealer Chic EPs this summer. Last year’s EPs included various songs, including “Adorn,” that pushed Miguel’s career to new heights.