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Without Music, Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’ Video Is Just Some Dork Terrorizing a Store

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, "Thrift Shop," video, without music, CollegeHumor

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ video for omnipresent hit “Thrift Shop” was always pretty goofy. Hell, it starts with a fur-wearing Macklemore riding a scooter toward a DeLorean. Now, the folks at CollegeHumor and Music Videos Without Music have made the original clip even goofier, taking away the music and adding an alternate soundtrack based solely on what’s happening on the screen. Fair warning: That does mean that when people on the screen are rapping and singing, you hear it, so you could still find yourself humming the hook an hour later. But the honking instrumental is gone, replaced by the sound of Slurpees being slurped, shopping carts carting, jewelery jangling, clubbers clubbing, and a Kurt Cobain T-shirt erupting in a gunshot noise. The question remains: What’s the sound of one tag popping?