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The Knife Dissect ‘Shaking the Habitual’ in Sprawling Short Film

the knife, shaking the habitual

The Knife unsheathed their Essential new album, Shaking the Habitual, today (April 9), and to commemorate the 98-minute full-length’s release, sister-brother duo Karin Dreijer-Anderson and Olof Dreijer have shared a 13-minute video that acts as a companion to their Silent Shout follow-up. Directed by Marit Östberg — who also helmed the Swedish pair’s NSFW “Full of Fire” clip — the above piece is labeled “The Interview,” but it actually functions as a meandering collection of footage (various shots of graffiti, dance clubs, clouds, and rainy streets), snippets of Shaking the Habitual songs, and audio of the band discussing their latest effort.

“We want to question the Knife,” Dreijer-Anderson says. “We made up our own sound sources. We used made-up homemade instruments, or we played traditional instruments in non-traditional ways and tried to find non-traditional ways of creating traditional sounds.”

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