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Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus Busted for Drugs and Stun Gun, Singer Still ‘#Blessed’

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber can’t catch a break on his current European tour. Shortly after losing his monkey and then starting a firestorm with a clumsily phrased Anne Frank House guestbook entry, the “Boyfriend” singer now finds himself caught up in reports of a drug bust. According to the AP, a Swedish police spokesman said officers found a modest stash of drugs and a stun gun on Bieber’s tour bus, which was parked in Stockholm during his concert there yesterday.

The spokesman said police searched the bus after catching a whiff of marijuana from inside. But he also said no one has been arrested and there are no suspects. The spokesman didn’t even confirm that the drug was marijuana, pending the results of a laboratory analysis.

It’s easy to be hard on Bieber, who has recently been investigated for alleged battery, collaborated on a horrible song with, and laughed off suggestions he go to rehab on the grounds that, basically, he’s really wealthy and beloved. But as Mountain Goats main John Darnielle has said, “Don’t be an asshole.” So a young pop star who listens to Janis Joplin and goes to Phish concerts and was photographed appearing to smoke pot might have at some point been exposed to a drug that’s gradually being legalized in parts of the United States. Yeah, pop stars have been getting hassled over less for decades, but it was wrong then and it’s wrong now. Even for Bieber.

Of course, Bieber himself didn’t put it quite that way, which makes the whole “don’t be an asshole” thing so much harder. Earlier today, he tweeted: “some of the rumors about me….where do people even get this stuff. whatever…back to the music.” He then tweeted: “i love music.” And then: “i love lamp.” Finally, he tweeted a video link and wrote, “#blessed – now gonna get some rest.” So at least the poor guy doesn’t have to worry about being mistaken for a high-functioning pothead. Even if he never, as they say, touches the stuff.