Watch Jimmy Kimmel Let Coachella Hipsters Embarrass Themselves

Jimmy Kimmel Coachella 2013 Fake Bands

With its proximity to Los Angeles and always jam-packed VIP zone, Coachella is the inevitable host to a whole lot of cooler-than-thou B.S. That, in turn, fosters an environment where those who crave to be in the loop are afraid to ask questions lest they by outed as tragically unhip. Of course, no one actually thinks you’re a dummy if you don’t know who Skinny Lister is, but the people shown in the clip below wouldn’t buy that if Skrillex himself told them so. Being plenty familiar with this phenomenon, Jimmy Kimmel sent his cameras to Coachella’s dusty parking lot and questioned the concertgoers about bands that didn’t exist. You know, up-and-comers like the Chelsea Clintons, the Obesity Epidemic, and Regis & the Philbins. In most cases, the fans offer commentary on the fictional acts without missing a beat. As for Dr. Shlohmo & the G.I. Clinic? “They’re always amazing.” Like, duh. Tune into “Lie Witness News” for more:


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