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Watch RZA Make Coachella Girl Dance to James Blake’s Undanceable ‘Take a Fall for Me’

James Blake Take a Fall for Me Coachella RZA

“Take a Fall for Me,” James Blake’s collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA for new album Overgrown, saw its live debut at Coachella’s on Sunday (April 21). Blake unexpectedly brought RZA onstage for the song, something he hadn’t done during the desert fest’s first weekend, and the fairly awkward performance chronicled in the video above illustrates why. The Wu-Tang rapper used a lyrics sheet as a crutch, and brought a girl onstage to writhe as best she could to Blake’s chilly, undanceable beats.

Goofiness aside, unexpected moments like this are one of the true perks of music festivals, and the one song didn’t otherwise dampen Blake’s overall set. Shuddering with quaking bass drops, the British soul man’s set was one of the 20 best things SPIN saw at Coachella’s second weekend.