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Two Out of Three Psychics Agree: Iggy Pop’s ‘Ready to Die’ Headed for Success

Iggy Stooges Fortune Telling Ready to Die

The brand new Iggy and the Stooges record is called Ready to Die, but fear not: Mr. Pop’s fortune has been told and he’ll be living unto the ripe old age of 92. Of course, we’re not surprised. The 66-year-old’s shirtless bod made our list of the 50 Best Things We Saw at SXSW 2013 — to the layman’s eyes, he looks downright indestructible (maybe it has something to do with that “hot pepper sauce” in his infamous tour rider). But that doesn’t mean that this protopunk icon doesn’t have other concerns.

In the clip above he consults a fortune-teller, a voodoo practitioner, and a tarot reader in order to get the skinny on his new album’s success. The currently streaming Ready to Die is out tomorrow (April 30) and, as Pop puts it, “I want the new Iggy and the Stooges album to sell.” If first single “Burn” is any indication, Iggy and the gang shouldn’t have any trouble tapping into that old fan base, and at least one of these prognostication professionals agrees: “I do see several good hits in your future.”