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Watch Iceage’s Solemn In-Studio Performance of ‘Morals’

iceage, morals

Iceage are a band that prefers dark corners and dank clubs, but they step into the spotlight for a live performance of “Morals,” from their 2013 sophomore album You’re Nothing, at a studio in Copenhagen. The track is a somber one (“If I could leave my body / Then I would / Bleed into a lake”), and it’s even heavier here with the mournful pianos given more room in the mix and an aching look on the face of singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt. But it’s also imbued with a quiet power; the rest of the band is nearly emotionless, giving them the vibe of resigned pallbearers.

The Danes are currently in the midst of a North American tour that will last all the way through mid-June, and though their albums are great (SPIN gave You’re Nothing an 8/10) they are the type of punk band that is built to be seen live.