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How to Destroy Angels Explain How to Blow Away Coachella Audiences in Video Trilogy

trent reznor, how to destroy angels, coachella

Now that Trent Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels have debuted their translucent sheet-obscured live show, the experimental outfit has shared a behind-the-scenes peek at the post-industrial project’s origins. “We started by saying, ‘Fuck guitars and drums,'” Reznor says in the above video, which was produced in conjunction with Coachella. “It wasn’t a violent, Nine Inch Nails, ear-ringing assault. It was more about not doing that and leaving space and leaving silence.” 

Reznor goes on to say that he and his HTDA associates knew they were “never going to be the kind of band that toured in a van,” so they spent more than a year toying with different ideas and materials, trying to determine the best way to bring their futuristic aesthetic to the stage. “It started with an idea of making something that was very sculptural,” says HTDA member (and art director) Rob Sheridan. “The idea there being that it almost feels more like an art installation.”

All of this talk wouldn’t mean much without actual footage of How to Destroy Angels’ live show, so the group has also shared clips of their recent Coachella gig, which ranked as one of the 50 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2013. Scroll down to witness crisp, mesmerizing performances of “How Long?” and “Ice Age,” two cuts off HTDA’s recent debut full-length, Welcome oblivion. (via Antiquiet).