Hear Daniel Blumberg’s Yuck-y ‘Unreal,’ His Sprawling First Single as Hebronix

Daniel Blumberg, left / via Facebook

Good news for anyone distraught over frontman Daniel Blumberg’s exit from Yuck: His new project Hebronix sounds very Yucky. “Unreal,” the eponymous first single off Hebronix’s forthcoming debut, is a languorous and winding bit of college-radio rock punctuated by spindly guitar solos. Ex-Royal Trux member Neil Hagerty, who produced Unreal, opens the track sounding as if he’s trying to swallow himself in his own noise; “Been sleeping for hours,” he sings, then cedes to swirling feedback that gurgles up faint sounds of keyboards and arcade bleeps.

Unreal drops in the U.S. on July 9 and the U.K. on July 8. Yuck, meanwhile, announced last week that they’re forging on ahead without Blumberg, and will begin recording their second album in New York this week.


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