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Hear Bot’Ox’s Epic ‘The Face of Another’ and Download Raudive’s Remix

Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz pull another all-nighter in advance of 'Sans Dormir'

Following “Basement Love” and “2.4.1,” “The Face of Another” is the third single that France’s Bot’Ox are releasing in advance of their upcoming album, Sans Dormir, and there are three more to come before the actual long-player drops. That might sound like a lot, but it’s clear that Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz are intent on covering as much ground as they can on their next record, inspired in part by the American open road — so why not prolong the journey and enjoy the ride? Where their previous singles have lit up subterranean disco grooves with elements of John Carpenter and Steely Dan, “The Face of Another” mutates from a winsome electro-pop ditty into epic, soaring space rock, like some strange triangulation between Giorgio Moroder, My Bloody Valentine, and Stereolab. (Credit the singer Anna Jean, also featured on their 2010 single “Blue Steel,” for putting an unusually winsome spin on their apocalyptic love song.)

Bot’Ox’s previous singles have yielded a bounty of remixes from Sandro Perri and Pachanga Boys, and “The Face of Another” is no different. Diverse reworks, for the dance floor and otherwise, come from Chicago’s Tevo Howard, Barcelona’s Golden Bug, Gerd Janson and Philip Lauer’s Tuff City Kids, Helsinki’s K-X-P, and Raudive, the gothy side project of London techno producer Oliver Ho. Raudive’s dub is especially spellbinding, whipping Anna Jean’s voice into wraithlike shapes over dubbed-out machine rhythms; it feels like a séance in an empty swimming pool.

Listen to “The Face of Another” in its entirety below, and download Raudive’s remix while you’re at it; the full EP is out on Vitelli’s I’m a Cliché label on April 14.

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