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Fred Armisen’s Fake Sex Pistols ‘SNL’ Band Made a Real EP

Fred Armisen Ian Rubbish the Bizzaros SNL EP

Miguel may have seduced and slaughtered Saturday Night Live audiences during his appearance on the Vince Vaughn-hosted April 13 episode, but he wasn’t the only musical highlight. Fred Armisen played the leader of a Sex Pistols-like band in “History of Punk” — though there was a twist, of course. Ian Rubbish and the Bizzaros were just like their real-life counterparts (like that recently Amish-ized Bill Grundy interview) except that their frontman was a real aficionado of the infamously unpopular Margaret Thatcher.

As noted by Morrissey, the Iron Lady passed away earlier this month and so the show paid a little playfully backhanded tribute with the above bit, which included a handful of original song snippets performed by “Rubbish” and his mates, Derek Gash and Keith Grimshaw. Well, it turns out Armisen and co. recorded four of those tracks and are now offering them as free downloads: “Maggie Thatcher,” “Sweet Iron Lady,” “Living in the Gutter,” and “Hey Policeman!,” which includes the clutch sneer, “Special delivery: My boot to your face!”

The four tracks are packaged as a fake Best of Ian Rubbish EP, and the website has a “” designation. The music is fairly solid, but we’d expect nothing less from a guy who’s kept time for Trenchmouth and Les Savy Fav