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Hear Flying Lotus’ Blissfully Glitchy ‘Adventure Time’ Closing Credits Song

Flying Lotus Adventure Time A Glitch Is a Glitch About That

Flying Lotus is a known fan of the cartoon kingdom. His rap villain alter-ego Captain Murphy could testify to that (though you’d have to drink the cult Kool-Aid first), but his history has been intertwined with animation from the beginning. The man born Steven Ellison got his big break making bumper music for Adult Swim, so it’s only right that he give back to the fantasy world that’s given him so much.

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time is a favorite in Los Angeles’ beat-based underground (Tyler, the Creator and Baths are known fanboys), and FlyLo composed a new track for the end credits of the most recent episode, “A Glitch Is a Glitch.” Experimental artist David O’Reilly wrote, directed, and animated the particularly surreal installment of the series (the A.V. Club reviews it in detail), which closes in a hail of beautiful bleeps and bloops — “About That Time,” as Lotus has dubbed it. (Get it? He’s about that Time.)

The track is more in line with the producer’s Pattern + Grid World EP, which delivered the still-excellent “Kill Your Co-Workers” song and video. Check out the former and revisit the latter below:

“Kill Your Co-Workers”: