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Watch Hologram Feist Play ‘How Come You Never Go There’ in Three Cities at Once

Feist Hologram Three Cities Samsung Canada 'How Come You Never Go There' Live

Goodbye Holo-Pac, hello Holo-Feist. Broken Social Scene matriarch, occasional black metal dabbler, and oak-sturdy solo artist Leslie Feist played in three Canadian cities at the exact same time last night thanks to the latest in holographic technology. Fans in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal were treated to simultaneous sets from the singer-songwriter, who materialized out of thin air at the behest of Samsung, as Exclaim reports.

The smartphone giants collaborated with projection company Musion to bring Feist to all three of their regional Galaxy S4 launch parties. Above, you can watch her strum and shred her way through “How Come You Never Go There.” While this footage showcases a fairly simple setup, other clips (with terrible sound) display the performer accompanied by a prismatic array of, well, herselves. Meanwhile, the “making of” video below gives insight into the production.

“To get a chance to be a hologram is kind of playing into every childhood fantasy dream of the magic of smoke and mirrors,” says Feist in the clip. “[It] really lives up to a lot of my dreams in terms of the things I have been trying to do live for years.”

Look at what the light did now: