Watch Empire of the Sun’s ‘Alive’ Video, a Ridiculous Sci-Fi Epic

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Empire of the Sun teased their upcoming sophomore album, Ice on the Dune, last month with a Hollywood-groomed trailer more in line with Raiders of the Lost Ark than press release (via Stereogum). Now the Australian dance duo have gone full-on sci-fi in the video for “Alive,” the first single off the follow-up to 2008’s Walking on a Dream. Empire of the Sun members Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, outfitted in garishly futuristic costumes that would make even Baz Luhrmann roll his eyes, spread their arms and sing on the edges of desert cliffs, pump their fists while basking in a forest’s sunshine, and stare into an ocean alongside a few fur- and feather-wearing friends. Like Muse’s recent “Panic Station” clip, it plays like a found transmission from the deep reaches of outer space; unlike Muse’s “Panic Station” clip, there’s no sex solicited. 

Ice on the Dune arrives June 18 on Astralwerks.

Ice on the Dune track list:

1. “Lux”
2. “DNA”
3. “Alive”
4. “Concert Pitch”
5. “Ice on the Dune”
6. “Awakening”
7. “I’ll Be Around”
8. “Old Flavours”
9. “Celebrate”
10. “Surround Sound”
11. “Disarm”
12. “Keep a Watch”


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